Wild & Organic

Our farm is wild & organic

Those who know us will believe us when we say that living on a farm was not in the grand scheme of our dreams, or even on our radar. A cabin in the woods was our much-later-in-life dream, but our home at the farm is so much more than we could have possibly imagined.

It was the water, the forests, the sheer magnitude of nature that captured us when we drove by this place. We are reminded daily just how small we are relative to a changing world; but hands that touch the earth inform the heart & mind of not only earth's, but humanities regenerative power.

Our passion has been focused on Naturopathy, and that hasn't changed, but medicine's roots all need healthy ground to grow in. Healthy food is nature's cure so our farms is all about wild and organic. We are certified organic by Ecocert Canada, and we have an Environmental Working Plan that helps us steward the Conservation, Niagara Escarpment and Aquaculture attributes of the land hand in hand with our field crops and market gardens.

Each growing season for us begins with the spring forest forages: fiddleheads, garlic mustard, and trout lily. Follows is the green garlic from the market garden and beginning of the field edible flowers, and bringing up the tail are gorgeous garlic scapes. July marks veggies and greens, squashes, and the harvest of our porcelain hardneck garlic and sumac.

The Harvests

The Magic of Symbiotic Relationship with Nature

The market gardens are truly enchanting to work in. All the senses come alive with the vibrant colors and fragrance of blooming petals, and sprouting green things. In the field there's the sound of birds from surrounding trees, butterflies, and the humming of bees. It is in these moments of pausing to appreciate the layers of all life above and below the ground that we realize what makes it possible to grow what we love here.