Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is rooted in working with the inherent characteristics of the land and water here, understanding and respecting its natural attributes. We embrace the principles of biodynamic farming, which involves a holistic approach to agriculture that seeks to enhance the health and vitality of the land, plants, and animals. By implementing biodynamic practices, we strive to maintain a small-scale farm that promotes diversity and balance within our ecosystem. This allows us to cultivate a harmonious relationship between the land, water, and our crops, resulting in nutritious, sustainable produce. Through our dedication to these principles, we aim to be part of creating a thriving environment that supports the vitality of our community with clean water, earth and sky.... and with a lot of love!

Alison & Mikhael Adams

Twiss Farms is an organic farm certified by Ecocert Canada growing a variety of wild-harvested and cultivated produce.